My Grand Mother’s Life… A story told by my cousin in a 1984 letter…

Martha’s parents Charles and Ellen were Canadian Indians who moved to  Vermont where he was a Harness Maker and Farmer. She was one of 9 children. Martha met her husband Rodney sliding and were married in Vermont in 1884.  His parents, Rodney Merrill Sr. and LeAnn Austin lived in Franklin, New Hampshire where the library is now and he was a Blacksmith…When my grandmother was born she was the twelfth of thirteen children. Muriel was born in 1913 when her mother was 41, in Franklin, New Hampshire.  So let’s get to my grandmother’s story since that’s about all I know of my Great Grandparents. She went to a one room schoolhouse grades 1-8, she loved History hated Math, and wanted to be a singer on the radio or actress.  From age fourteen, she had to help at home and get a small job to help with household money.  She didn’t get to go to dances or High School with all the other kids. Which she said was “No Fun At All”.  And that it wasn’t a very happy time to remember.  Her favorite things were Spring and the ocean. Her favorite flower was a Gardenia and her favorite color… Dusty Rose.  She left New Hampshire and moved to Connecticut and lived with her sister Dot.  She worked as a Maid and Babysitter for a family that lived right across from the ocean.   She was 17 and started dating my Grand Father, John.   One of her favorite memories at that time was riding in a big open car with a group of friends singing as loud as they possibly could.   My grandmother grew up poor, and  my Grand Dad’s family was privileged.  She liked him because he was so handsome,  kind and polite. He took her to his prom and had hung around with all their other friends, dating for a little over a year.   She was married at the age of 19 to John, on February 1933.  He was 21.  They lived in the Family home in Woodmont, Connecticut, right across the street from her beloved ocean.  They spent the next couple of years happy… Swimming and fishing in that ocean…XO

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