My Grand Mother’s Married Life…

I will share with you my favorite picture of young Grandma and Grandpa .  The day they got married they went to Town Hall in Franklin, New Hampshire and about 2 o’clock on February 28th, 1933.  So in a tan silk dress, Muriel and John became man and wife… Friends gathered at my Aunt Dot’s house and a lovely handmade wedding cake.  And Gram’s cousin “Whitie” have put tons of straight pins in their “Wedding Bed”.  After that night’s elopement they traveled back to Connecticut to John’s family home / by command of his Father and Mother, to try to explain everything.  The next day there was a new car in the driveway, a gift from John’s parents…Their first apartment ,was a three floor walkup, 5 room flat in Brooklyn, New York, where they resided in for 18 months. Because of the quickness of the City, Muriel found it difficult.  Being from the country she really had a hard time with city life.  My Grandfather was working for the Schaffer Brewing Company in Brooklyn.  After my Mother was born they moved.   Back to West Haven, in the Family home next to Grandma’s beloved ocean.  My Grandmother was a stay-at-home Mom during these years…


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