My Mother’s Life… 0-12 years

Scan 108               Scan 109Lots of fun and travel…Lots of moving to Big Cities and plenty of abundance…She was a good student and enjoyed many hobbies…She aspired to be a Ballerina on a grand stage.  Two parents loving her dearly and every wish was a command. The Family owned several homes including three wonderful homes in Woodmont, Connecticut and a family beach home in Sarosata, Florida.  The worst thing she ever did then, was order kumquats at a Chinese Restaurant and swore she had, had them and loved them, and didn’t eat them, YUCK… The only time my Grand Dad hit her, she was ice skating and he said “time to go”, she laughed, looked and skated away…He gave chase and went down hard…She couldn’t stop laughing even though he warned her to stop. He carried her up 5 flights of stairs and she got slapped… but those Teenage years. WOW.


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