Those Years…

My Grandparents were divorced in 1946…Yes DIVORCED…IN 1946…Scandal rocked my Mom’s world… She still had her hobbies… Horseback Riding, (her riding partner ,”Grey Dawn”)  Field Hockey, Softball and BOYS…An occasional coke and listening to the juke box.  Summer Camp is a lot of that time…Away from both parents and the distant memories of home. Next Junior High and High School,curfew was set for 11 o’clock SHARP…But the beautiful family home was now replaced with an apartment in Franklin, New Hampshire.  My Grandma was now a working Mom.  Hard times for the first time since Muriel and John’s marriage were felt by my Grandma and my Mom…The teenage years were hard on both of them, capped off by my Mother running away at 16.  The argument was over a boy she wanted to date… She got as far as Boston, Massachusetts, before the police picked her up a brought her back the New Hampshire. My Mom wanted to live in Connecticut so she left her school and completed High School in New Haven, Connecticut.  My Grandma moved to Connecticut as well, she lived at a YWCA and my Mom lived her Father and his new wife.  At St. Mary’s High School graduation is successful and the pride my Grand Mother feels is deep and hopeful, being that she did not finish school herself.  She starts believing in their future well being.  Remembering  how really beautiful your Mom was, and how people turn their heads just to look at her.  My Grandma also reminds me “That beauty is not everything, but my Mom had a whole lot more going on for her… beautiful and a good mind too”….


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