What happens in “DIVORCE”…1946 style.

You go your way I go mine…Seems pretty normal. The rich guy who has to work his ass off, to prove to his Family “He is worthy”… Married to a bit of a “Party Girl” from the wrong side of the tracks.  Eloped ????, what?   We all know how this ends, but now there is a thirteen year old daughter, the only child, she has no one to rely on.  No one to cry to.  Loved sure, but not with tenderness, not being put first.  A world of chaos,  no shelter from the big bad world.   The party girl lives on to party, the under appreciated broken man finds another woman way too fast, to fill the place where his wife and daughter once stood… That woman who was looking for love as well, and a full-walleted man, with this and that…seems wonderful.   Then it happens again, marriage… For both My Grandmother and Grandfather…Torn down the middle, that’s the way it’s done in 1946.  Make a choice between your  Dad and you Mom.  Dad’s home, your home, your privileged life or a run down apartment building, living close to the dampness of the river. Cold and empty..a working Mom and missing all you had known till now.  In both cases seeing your parents with other people. In both cases they are drinking more than you witnessed before. Pain, all feeling pain.  You are just learning the feeling of romantic love, if they don’t love each other any more do they still love you?    Seeing your parents feel that romantic attaction for others.  Not for each other anymore.  Their caustic relationship growing, it must have  jaded you in some way.  You have to shut down a lot of emotion.  Close off the hurting parts. Watching your life running out of you, to the ground, and seeing the muddy puddle that used to be somewhat nice, it was your life. Hard for you to understand.  Keep trying to please both parents.  Diplomatic, cautious, think before you say anything.  I am sure she is a very confused 13-year-old to say the least.


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