Grand Dad’s Other Wife…

This is my parents wedding day…No doubt my Grandmother and Grandpa’s new wife where avoiding each other… I don’t think any pictures put them together…There was a bunch of stories including burning my Grandmother’s belongings left in the house in a bonefire on the front lawn of the Family home… in 1949.  My parents got married in 1956. So my Mom had Ginger as her Stepmom for 7 years…Seven years of hiding her feelings and swallowing all the crap Ginger could shove at her…There relationship was not great, my Mom tolerated Ginger for the sake of my Grand Dad.  Ginger wanted to be #1 and my Mom would always be #1 in my Grandfather’s heart.  She was his only Daughter, his princess.  I’m surprised my Grandmother did not fight it out with her. I’m surprised she walked out of that wedding with all her teeth and hair intact.  Maybe details to follow….


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