We will now cover the other side of the family my “Dad’s side”…

This is my Dad, his name is Robert.  He is around 8 or 10. He’s one of at least 10 children.  Very nice suit, cute smile and wild hair.   You can’t pick your Parents, but this one was a rare gem in Fatherhood.  I remember every day of his life since my birth.  I will love him so dearly, till my last breath is taken.  Of course he was 39 when he died, I was six.  It still causes me extreme pain to type those words…  How much could I know at 6, how much love could one person pack into six years?   We lived every day as if it was our last day. By that time, I had competed in several talent contests, including “Little Miss Sunbeam” a bread company at that time. Traveled through Europe and been just LOVED to pieces. My Dad colored with me, played Barbie dolls with me and sang old songs I still remember today. What a hole in my life, the powerful presence that was inhabited by my Dad.


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